Synchronized wins

Synchronised takes home the Gold Cup

The Cheltenham Gold Cup was claimed by Synchronized with jockey Tony McCoy, while Giant Bolster and Long Run came in second and third as two time winner Kauto Star preliminarily exited from the race with thirteen fences still left to go.

After the win an exhilarated McCoy said: “He’s an amazing horse and it was an amazing performance. He’s really delivered.” This is McCoy’s second Gold Cup.

Jonjo O’Neill who trained Synchronized was also exalted at the win. With his first Gold Cup as a trainer, he said “A lot of work has gone into him at home so it was a great team effort from the yard. He only came right in the last 10 days or so and we weren’t really confident.”

The race did see its share of disappointments as What A Friend took a fall at the second fence. This was followed by Kauto Star’s untimely exit as Ruby Walsh expressed dissatisfaction with his horse and pulled him up with thirteen still to go.

The race took off with Midnight Chase at the lead who was quickly overtaken by Time For Rupert but as the race drew to its end it looked like Giant Bolster would take the trophy home.

Long Run also figured among the list of possible winners but failed to make it. Another strong contender was Burton Port.  Trainer Nicky Henderson who trained the third placed Long Run and the fourth in line Burton Port said “I’m thrilled with my two boys and I have to give credit to the winners.”

Kauto Star’s owner, Clive Smith acknowledged that the time had come to retire Kauto Star, giving it a 90% chance.  He said: “What a great career he’s had and he’s been a wonderful horse. I would say it’s 90% certain that he’ll be retired. Someone will have to come up with a very good reason for me not to retire him.”

Accroding to Ladbrokes Horse Racing, Kauto Star’s almost didn’t make it to the race after a schooling fall just a couple of weeks before the race. Trainer Paul Nicholls who endorsed Walsh’s decision saying “Ruby wasn’t happy after he’d jumped a couple of fences and we said if he wasn’t happy to pull him up, and he’s done the right thing,” said Nicholls though he states that the horse is doing fine.

Quirky facts about online bingo

Yeah, you know all there is to know about online bingo sites. There are tons and tons of them, there are new bingo sites opening up and very few of them closing shop as well, there are sign up bonuses, no deposit bonuses, first deposit bonus, second deposit bonus, single line bingo win, two line bingo wins, full house bingo wins, fabulous bingo promotions online, etc, etc. Well, while you might know a lot there is to know about these fabulous sites, here are some quirky fun facts about bingo sites online:

A bingo site for every letter in the alphabet: While we really cannot say just how many sites there are out there, what we do know is that every letter counts when it comes to Bingo. So you will find sites that starts with the letter A and sites which starts with the letter B, and so on and so forth until you reach the letter ‘Z’ which also has bingo names that start with it. So here’s a fun game that you can play in your next kitty party. Name bingo sites that starts with each of the letters of the alphabet. First one to complete the list and get all 26 names, gets to be the winner.

A bingo site that starts with numbers: No, while there aren’t site that starts with all the numbers of the numeric scale 0-9, there are at least five sites that begin with numbers. Surprised? Surely you have heard of 888 bingo, one of the most popular bingo sites in the world.

Alphabetically speaking: There are too many sites around and with each one claiming to be better than the others, you really cannot say which would be the number one bingo site online. But alphabetically speaking, the site top of the list of bingo sites would be abcbingo (obviously) and the final one on the list would be Zoom Bingo.

Animals in bingo names: Yes, animals are the most popular creatures when you want mascots for your game and there is no reason why bingo games should be any different. So you have sites with the names of a member of the animal kingdom. Surprised again? Surely you have heard of Fox Bingo, another of the top ten bingo sites – then there are also Chimp bingo, Piggy Bingo, Hippo Bingo and more.

Love is in the air, sorry name: Yes, bingo is a well beloved game, so there really is no surprise that the word love or a derivation of it features in the names of these sites – There are love bingo, heart bingo, kiss bingo, etc, etc.

Not just love, but also……… : For a clean clean game, there are bingo sites with also a tantalizing theme such as Naughty Bingo, Steamy Bingo. So if you are want to play bingo and be naughty at the same time, you know the words that you should be looking out for when you play bingo games online.

The show must go on at bingo sites online

With online bingo games being the favourite online games of people world over, we constantly keep hearing of new bingo sites opening up. We may also hear of bingo sites merging but not often do we hear of a bingosite closing down. However this time round there is definite news of a closure as m8ts bingo brings the curtains down on its site.

While the news may come as a shock to many, the news is also reassuring in some ways as it assures players that bingo sites may come and go, but the members’ money and account details will always remain active.

Yes, that’s right. While Bingo m8ts does shuts down, it is not the end of the road for the site’s many members. The show must go on and it will; at Bingo Palace.

Bingo Palace is the new bingo online site that has taken in the members of m8ts-bingo. Members of m8ts simply need to access their account at Palace Bingo by entering the very same login details they had at the former site at the new site. In short,

1.    Go to

2.    Enter m8ts bingo login details

3.    Access accounts and continue playing

And that’s all there is to it. A very simple and smooth transition has already been set in place for the members. Every member will find their account balance exactly as it was at m8ts bingo with all deposits and winnings remaining intact.

This recent bingo news only goes to show that playing online bingo games at bingo sites are safe. There is not much danger of losing your money or your balance funds even if a site should go under. So if you have been toying around with the idea to enjoy one of world’s most exciting bingo games online, but have been keeping away worrying about the security of your money, then rest assured.

There are many different sites to choose from. Some sites have been around for long while others may be newly launched list of bingo sites in 2013. Whichever site you choose, you will be able to enjoy these bingogames online for a very long time once you get started on your online gaming adventure.

Online casinos – a great stress buster!!!

For all those who frown on any kind of gambling, here is a reason to cheer – Online casino gaming has been known to help a gamer reduce his stress level. So if you have been having a hard day at work, the best way to relax in the evening is to go home, roll up your sleeves and try your hand at a few games of online poker or online roulette.

Independent research analysts that include two separate Universities and an online casino, have all concluded that indulging in a little online gaming is a great way to relieve stress levels.

According to a study conducted by the University in Montreal in Quebec, Canada that carried an experiment on a number of subjects playing online games including casino games on line, the researchers found out that the cortisol levels of the players (which is the culprit hormone responsible for inducing stress), reduced significantly, not just by 10 percent or 15 percent but by an overall 17 percent!!!

The results were replicated in a similar study carried out by Eastern Carolina University that tested 134 subjects over a period of six months. A similar study conducted by an on-linecasino group gave similar results where at least 74 percent of the gamblers admitted to a release of tension and an elevation in the mood.

So if you are suffering from stress, you probably need to sign up with some of the best online casino sites and enjoy a few casino games. It may not just help reduce your stress levels which will improve your health conditions, but it may also end up making you a few extra dollars.

Of course, just make sure you do not over indulge yourself. Especially if you are a newcomer, you need to go at this slow and steady. Just a few dollars worth of game every day at some of the best online casino sites 2013 is enough to bring down your dangerously high cortisol levels. Go overboard and you might end up risking your cortisol levels to an all new high.

In fact come to think of it, the balance 26 percent of people (studied by the online casino site) that felt there was absolutely no reduction in their stress levels; were the percentage of people who went for high roller games.

So as long as you have the discipline to control yourself, you can enjoy a few games at the virtual casinos to recharge yourself and get ready for another taxing day in this stressful world.

Christmas specials at top bingo sites

It’s the season to be jolly; and jolly you shall be when you hear what some top bingo sites have in store for you for their Christmas special bingo treats. From loads of free bingo money at Golden Hat Bingo to fabulous smartphones to be grabbed at ABC Bingo, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy your festive days.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy a little gaming fun during the holidays; and what better way to indulge in this favorite pastime than

For starters, GoldenHatBingo has some really special promotion codes that can give you access to plenty of freebingo games. To enjoy these free games, simply make a deposit of £10 or more at this fabulous bingosite on the days from Friday to the following Thursday and get an email with your free special bingo code on the following Friday to enjoy weeklong bingo for free.

This fabulous promotion will kickstart only on November 23 and you will have till the 29th of the month to cash in on the first week of freegames. While you enjoy the bingogames for free, do not forget to make your minimum deposit during the week in order to cash in on next week’s freebies. If you time it right, you can enjoy a total 26 days of fabulous bingo games for free at Bingo-GoldenHat.

ABC Bingo is another site that is doing its bit to spread the Christmas joy. It all starts with a chance to lay your hands on a fabulous £20,000 by playing on the 8th and 15th of December. There are 10 games scheduled on each of these days and each of the games will have cash prizes worth £1000. If you believe in Christmas miracles, there is no reason for you not to grab the entire prize pot.

While each of the tickets for the £20k worth of games will cost you just £1, you can also manage to grab a ticket for all of the 20 games for just £5 by using the multi pass ticket. Simply spend £5 on a multi pass and voilà; you’ve got a ticket for each and every one of these special games. Now that’s called playing smart.

Speaking of smart, you can also grab a free smartphone at in time for Christmas. Just make sure you are ready on the dot at 08:00pm every day from December 16 to December 23 in Santa’s Calling rooms and you can win a free smartphone if you bingo on an ‘i’. Get your free smartphone and enjoy on-the-go bingo every day with mobile bingo games.

Christmas may still be some days away but now you know how to make some extra cash to tide you over the holiday season.

Mobile Bingo

Long before online and mobile bingo have become popular, bingo games were usually played in social clubs, bingo halls, and arcades by the beach. Just a few years ago, online bingo has been introduced and it became a great boom in the United Kingdom. As a matter of fact, this has also become one of the most popular and widely used forms of gambling in the UK since then up to the present days. Thanks to the smoke ban being implemented by the UK government to public places where people gather and smoke and gambling halls are not an exception. This point has become the start of online sites to be introduced into the gaming public. This was actually convenient to the majority of players because internet was already very much available during those times.

Obviously online casinos have become very popular but never did people imagine that even mobile bingo is going to become a reality. This is even more amazing to a great deal of people from around the world because mobile phones are so popular. In fact, everywhere you turn you will always see people making use of mobile gadgets wherever they go. Visit to see how mobile phones have become essential gadgets for many people today and how they are widely used for Bingo purposes. And since millions and millions of people around the world are fond of playing bingo games, playing it on their mobile is truly an amazing experience one will surely enjoy.

The following are some of the essential benefits one can obtain from making use of mobile bingo:


Basically, convenience is considered as the greatest advantage of playing mobile gambling. With your phone always with you, you can have the opportunity to play anytime and anyplace. So when you feel like playing bingo at a particular day and time and wherever you may be, bingo will come to your way easily.

Easy to Obtain

Online bingo software is easily sent to your phone after you have entered you mobile number on a particular bingo site on the internet. Or, you can also download the bingo software direct to your computer, make use of a USB and transfer the downloaded software directly to your phone. It’s as simple as that.

Free Cash Offers

Mobile bingo sites offer free cash bonuses to all those players who want to play casino games through their phones; all they need to do is to sign up and get these irresistible bonuses everyone will surely love.

How to Choose New Casino Sites

New casino sites come so bountiful every year and choosing the right if not the best one can be very difficult especially when you know less about identifying. For sure, you are someone who is an online casino fanatic and that’s the reason why you’re here, right? And the truth is that you want to know the different ways on how you can identify or determine a good online casino that is still new today. Here are few simple guidelines you need to know when searching for a new online casino site. If you follow these guidelines and visit a trusted online Casino portal, such as, you’ll probably find a Casino site that you can trust and enjoy.

Software – it is very important to learn about the software being used by a new casino site. Is the system user-friendly or not? Will it be easy for you to understand and navigate from one point to another using the system of the site? If the system or software that is being used works best for you then that can be a good choice for you.

License – this should be prominently seen on the site and should not be hidden somewhere. License simply gives you the assurance that it is safe and legal to play on such sites.

Free Phone Support - new casino sites online should come with support and assistance for customers in tight spots. You can’t borrow money from them but they can help you come up with a smooth online gaming experience.

Bonuses – most of the time, new casino sites offer encouraging and mouthwatering offers and bonuses are considered as great offers of such sites. Do they give no deposit offers? How much is there offer for your startup bonus? Are the prizes amazing? These are but some of the few important things you need to see on a particular site for casinos.

Mobile Gaming – Today, more than ever before, our phones are practically glued to our palms, throught the days (and the nights!). Despite the small screen size, the availability factor makes smartphones your place for mobile casino games.

Ladbrokes Horse betting

To place a bet on horse races or other sporting events you have to go via Sportsbooks in US and vie Bookmakers in UK. You can of course also choose to bet online or telephone in your bet, or use the Ladbrokes horse racing betting services.

Types of bets:

Straight bet or Single or Win bet: For a novice this would be the best place to begin as you would only be betting on the winner. You make money only if your chosen horse wins the race.

Place: A place bet means you are gambling on your horse making it to the first or second position.

Show: Show bet allows you to collect cash when your horse comes in any of the first three positions.

Combination Bet: If you are unsure put your money on up to four horses and their positions at the end of the race

Pick 3: You can choose on a winner for three consecutive races

Pick 6: Similar to Pick 6, you can choose from the first six, middle six or last six races and place a bet.

Quiniela or Reverse Forecast (UK): If you cannot make up your mind between two horses, you choose this category as this allows you to choose from either of the two horses to finish in the first two positions.

Perfecta or Exacta or Straight Forecast (UK): In this category also you choose two horses but they must finish the race in the exact first two positions as betted by you.

Trifecta or Tricast or Treble Forecast (UK): Similar to the above one, but instead of two horses you choose three and predict the exact order of the three winners.

Superfecta: Similar to above but with four horses with exact order of first four winners.

Daily Double: You bet on the winning horses of the first two races of a day.

Jackpot: You choose six winners from six different races for a jackpot win. Horse Racing betting by Ladbrokes can get you some of the highest bonuses in the business.

Parlay or Accumulator: A place where you can greatly increase your winnings. With this type of bet, you will be betting on multiple races and pledge your winnings from the earlier race to the next one. You will of course need to win in all of the races if your winnings have to pledged for the next race.

Future: One of the best ways to make money, this highly profitable bet category is made way into the future betting on the odds predicted by the oddsmaker. The odds will of course keep changing as the D-day draw nearer. While the bet is place days before the game, you can collect your win only after the race is over.

Exotic Bets: Bets are not restricted to specific sports but several other events related to sports and can include just about anything.

Proposition Bet or Prop Bet. Odds betting on the terms set by the sportsbooks. This generally refers to the Exotic Bet category.

Other popular terms of horsebetting are Each way bets, Patent, Yankee, Super-Yankee